Getting the best staff can be a challenge at times, we all know this, right?

Not all recruiters are equal
and in our industry it's always recommended to work with experienced specialists.

From my perspective, it's really simple:

1) If you want a bike, go to a bicycle shop
2) you want insurance, go to an insurance company,
3) you want savings and investment advice, talk to a decent IFA...and
4) if you want to recruit, then speak to an unbiased specialist. You can see what I am driving at.

IFA firms should ideally stick to what they're really good at, and outsource recruitment to folks who do that for a living.

Prestige IFA Jobs provides a FREE posting and search service for our selected company clients and candidates alike. We provide a very personal 24/7 service that is our legacy, unrivaled by anyone in the industry.

Our enviable edge? I was an offshore IFA for 8 years in 4 countries myself, so I have a very unique perspective having sat on both sides of the table. I have a VERY good and experienced understanding of what it takes for all parties involved.

It is important to note that we are headhunters and that there is a distinct difference between a mass generalist recruiter and a focused headhunter specialist. We simply don't do the conveyor-belt style roundups of 100 people in, 90 out, 10 give it a bash...5 stick around a bit longer and maybe 2 make it in the end with one ultimately doing really well.

Our preference is to work with the more boutique style IFA firms and smaller companies where that personal touch still means something and candidates are not caught up in unnecessary red tape getting lost in the often layers and layers of management.

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