Ok folks, so his section is a bit of a longer read than our other pages, BUT if you want to avoid the many pitfalls often associated with this sometimes "murky waters" industry, then take a minute or two to read it all, it'll be worth your while.

Yes, yes, we're all perhaps a bit tired of all the regurgitated Corona stories on LinkedIn or elsewhere online...and of course it's pretty serious and all of the rest, but things WILL get back to some form of normal, and as with many economic catastrophes in the past, there will also be those who will still make a TON of money in spite of it all, right?

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Look, I've been exactly where you are when it comes to international IFA career options during my own career as an IFA for 8yrs in 4 countries. The stories I have heard, both good and bad, can make for some serious movie scripts!

I personally have worked in some of the most rural environments you can probably imagine,  dodging everything from Malaria, Yellow fever, Ebola scares to Al Shabaab terrorists hiding out in my then city in East Africa...and then I've also worked in some fantastic locations across SE Asia before settling my family in Panama!

My personal advice when it comes to jobs? Be careful who you speak to when trying to get ahead in your financial services career. Sending your CV to everyone and their mates in the IFA world might NOT always necessarily always be the best idea or strategy to leverage your career or even income options in the end. I have had the unfortunate experience to have dealt with some real crooks and the odd outright narcissist running a brokerage.

I'm sure that as an IFA or BDM you probably get called and/or emailed by companies every now and then, right?

Well, just remember: In-house recruiters get a salary to do just that, - to woo you over. They have internal quotas to meet, seats to fill and it's obviously their job to always put their best foot forward and parade their glossy company brochure, usually made up of stock images of exotic city skylines,  or pictures of folks or happy families walking hand in hand or frolicking on some tropical island beach. There's nothing wrong with that in principle obviously, it's how things work out there, just be mindful about the perspective and the obvious bias.

Truth be told, when you really want to get to the nuts and bolts of things in this industry, you need to speak to someone independent... someone like me perhaps, -someone with on-the-ground, practical experience as an offshore IFA myself. I pretty much know who's who in the "ZOO" and I can say and tell you things a company recruiter perhaps can't really because it would seem unprofessional and them trying to make themselves look better.

I'm that guy the reputable companies out there love, and the "operators" and industry cowboys HATE!

Giving you independent career advice is very similar to you giving advice to your investor clients as an independent financial advisor, as an example. This independent, unbiased perspective I offer is what gives you options...(plural), options that is in your best interest, not what is in my interest or that of an in-house company recruiter.

So, why risk "tossing a coin" (so to speak) when you can get FREE first hand, unbiased, no-strings-attached, experienced advice...right?

For me it's quality over quantity and my own past IFA experience gives me a very unique perspective and birds-eye view of what this really means - which applies to both company clients and candidates alike.

Please be aware that we do not work with every single international IFA firm out there, no matter who they are. As it is, Prestige IFA Jobs only work with what we deem to be the BEST International wealth management firms around the world, and this does not necessarily always mean the biggest or "loudest" either. its a proven fact that the guys who are really the best at what they do don't feel the need to constantly shout and advertise the fact that they are. Their service and value added propositions usually speaks themselves.

I am not afraid to politely say NO to-,  or even boot companies who don't embrace good and proper business ethics and practices, or if they don't have a good reputation and/or track record etc. We select the companies we choose to work with very carefully. We're in the people business, and so we all have to align to similar values, ethics and best practice modus operandi wherever possible.

Look it's not complicated, we're just picky and selective, which is why our candidates get to choose from only the best in our stable at the end of it all.

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