International financial advisor and wealth management jobs abroad

Prestige IFA Jobs have become the specialised international wealth management recruitment service of choice for the discerning wealth management and investment advisory firm.

If I had to somehow summarize it all, then I think it will suffice to say that as the undisputed headhunter at the top of our game in our industry, NOBODY does what we do, quite the way we do it.

For us it is not enough to match a qualified candidate with a good IFA firm. We match the right candidate with the right company. Our years of personal financial advisory experience in various countries allows us to get to know our candidates and our company clients in depth.

Despite the COVID-19 situation and all the challenges it presented, financial advisors adapted quite well to the "new way" of doing business overall.

So, when things go wrong, don't go wrong with them...because the successful warrior is the average man, but with laser focus.

PS:  "I always say to my 8000+ adviser contacts that it can't hurt just to hear what is on offer or having a confidential chat...right? You never know what might present itself or what you may be missing out on, no matter WHO you're working with at present..."- Daniel









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Verifiable LinkedIn Recommendations 

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Sal Saqeb

Senior Portfolio Manager at Private Office

July 19, 2020, Sal was a client of Daniel’s

I found Daniel's professional approach very helpful and informative. he's clear and concise information about the financial services industry is on par with the very best and would highly recommend him!

Bart Łobacz

Pathway Asset Management

July 22, 2020, Bart was a client of Daniel’s

Thanks to Daniel, I moved my career to a different continent. He was always with me during the process and speaking with me almost on a weekly basis to make sure I have everything as it was promised. Very professional and easy-going. If you're looking for new challenging step on your career ladder, contact Daniel asap.

David Reed

Director at Winson Capital

April 7, 2020, David was a client of Daniel’s

I have used Daniel and his company and I have always been impressed. He works hard to understand your recruitment needs and the profile of the candidates you are looking for and then delivers. I recommend his services.

Florent Raimi

Investments, Asset management & Capital protection, Senior Partner Astra Group

July 19, 2020, Florent was a client of Daniel’s

I have used Daniel and his company and I have always been impressed. He works hard to understand your recruitment needs and the profile of the candidates you are looking for and then delivers. I recommend his services.

David Foster

Wealth Manager at Alexander Peter Wealth Management

July 17, 2020, David was a client of Daniel’s

Daniel is a very easy person to talk to and listens and understands. Daniel gives you the correct and honest advice and listens to your requirement when looking for a job. Very professional and recommended.

Timothy Kershaw

Senior International Financial Advisor at W1 Investment Group

July 17, 2020, Timothy was a client of Daniel’s

I recommend Daniel to Advisors looking at their options, Daniel is attentive to your requirements and strives to arrange interviews with the profile of companies you would want to work for.

Johan Burger

Head of Business Development LATAM

With his extensive network of employers around the globe, Daniel facilitated the placement of
myself in another country. The process was conducted smoothly and very professional. He
provides a personal touch with all clients that goes beyond what is expected. Easy to work with
and highly recommended!

Michael Adjei

Business Development Specialist

January 30, 2019, Michael was a client of Daniel’s

Speaking to Daniel was the best thing that ever happened to my career in the IFA profession. He takes time to understand your strengths and weaknesses, goals and aspirations and matches that with the right company that will help you develop. He is a professional and very committed to his clients and delivers exactly what he pledges. What I find absolutely amazing about his services is the fact that he constantly follows through to ensure you are happy with where you are after your placement, he doesn't leave you just there but rather ensures the company is treating you right and living up to their promises and your expectation. I can confidently say I am a very happy client and friend of his.

Wealth Manager

August 22, 2018, Akbor was a client of Daniel’s

Daniel is extremely hard working and totally focused. I found Dan to be highly efficient and well organised. Most importantly he is realistic, open and honest. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who wants a career abroad.

Charlene du Toit

March 26, 2018, Charlene was a client of Daniel’s

Daniel has a true gift with people. He helped me at a time when I needed representation most. I was able to communicate easily what my expectations were and he ticked every box with regards to needs (and some wants) in a new position. He responds extremely quickly to questions and goes above and beyond what is expected of a recruiter. Not all heroes wear capes 🙂 Thank you for being awesome!

I wholeheartedly recommend Daniel!

Anthony Moore

Founder and Exec Chair of a merchant bank and fund management company to be launched in September.

March 24, 2018, Anthony worked with Daniel in different groups

Dan runs a very efficient and effective organisation totally focused on putting the right people in the right jobs. Having been an IFA himself and with a very extensive senior level contact base, Dan and team are well qualified to further people's careers in this high growth sector. For a personal, tailored service leading to a successful outcome, I could not recommend Daniel more highly!

Wealth Account Manager at Pathway Asset Management Ltd

March 22, 2018, Ray was a client of Daniel’s

Daniel has has been great at securing me a roles in Wealth management . He is attentive, helpful and patient with the process. I am very grateful for his perseverance and expertise in finding me a role that suited my circumstances. The guy really know his stuff and his way of business makes the whole process very simple and straightforward. Moreover, it puts you in the driving seat and removes a lot of the obstacles faced in the job search

I’d thoroughly recommend Daniel to anyone looking for a role as an IFA

CII Qualified Financial Advisor and Managing Partner seeking new engagement

March 22, 2018, Steve was a client of Daniel’s

Daniel is a font of knowledge and simplicity in a sea of sharks. Highly recommended.

Thomas O'Hara

Client Relationship Manager

March 22, 2018, Thomas was a client of Daniel’s

Dan set me up with a fantastic job opportunity in the Middle East. Dan was quick to respond to my messages, easy to talk to and set me up with an interview within one week of speaking to him. Dan would constantly keep me updated with the progress of my applications and provided an excellent service overall.
I cannot thank Dan enough for his role in finding me a great job and I would highly recommend reaching out to him, to get an overview of the best jobs in the industry.

Trusted business leader, entrepreneur and mentor

March 22, 2018, Paul A. was a client of Daniel’s

Dan has great ideas and a large contact base and will go above and beyond to find a suitable company and location for you. Super fast in response and a sound knowledge of the international arena, you’d do worse than to utilize his services. He is a straight shooter with a no nonsense approach.