"It happened to a friend who's a teller in a bank on New York's lower East Side.

The woman in the black babushka approached his window, her smile radiating gold teeth, and presented a savings passbook only slightly less worn than her face.

She wanted to withdraw twenty dollars.Our friend counted out two tens, but the woman pushed the bills back. "Is not my money," she said. "My money is fi' dollar size."

Experienced at meeting all kinds, our friend grasped the situation immediately. He replaced the two tens with four fives, and the woman went happily on her way.

To her, a bank is a place where they put your money in a drawer. When you want it, they give it back. Since she had always deposited fives, those tens belonged to somebody else..."


And the point of the simple story is this:-

You never really know what's inside people's heads until you have the chance to dig around a bit.

At Prestige, we understand financial advisors. We understand the industry and because we're in the people business, we really make it our business to understand those we choose to work with.

Our reputation is built on regular communication, commitment, understanding and trust.

We have built our success on providing clients and candidates with the very best personalised, responsive and reliable service in the offshore financial advisory industry.